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Find yourself a perfect red lipstick  lipstain~
<3 Decorate your bedroom with fairy lights
<3 Buy yourself an amazing bathrobe to lounge in
<3 Start wearing multiple pairs of ripped stockings layered over each other
<3 Bundle up & go for long night-time walks with someone cute
<3 Drink more juice
<3 Learn how to knit & make yourself an assortment of fabulous hats & scarves
<3 Cultivate armpit hair (I think it’s kind of cute)
<3 Stick jewels all over your library card
<3 Prepare an enormous feast for your closest friends
<3 Spend an entire weekend watching a box set of your favourite show gossipgirl/satc
<3 Make an effort to get out of the house every Sunday & go for a big breakfast
<3 Hold hands with someone while you sleep
<3 Wear a coat with a huge collar & pretend you’re a superhero in disguise
<3 Guard against the dreaded lizard-skin by moisturising regularly!
<3 Perfect a hot chocolate recipe  19th August
<3 Tell ghost stories around a crackling fire
<3 Buy a pair of hilarious slippers (preferably with a face on!)
<3 Smile all the way to work — people will either smile back or think you’re mental. Either way, what bliss!
<3 Cultivate a fabulous stocking collection & use them to dress up simple outfits
<3 Go to the ballet
<3 Yawn as often as you like
<3 Procure a pair of ultra-cute mittens on a string
<3 Allow yourself lots of quiet, dimly-lit alone time  every other night usually!
<3 Buy watercolours & a Moleskine notebook & go wild
<3 Eat mashed potatoes
<3 Carry a hot water bottle everywhere (I have a turquoise one which matches a lot of my clothing…)
<3 Fall asleep to The Beatles
<3 Dress up like a Eurotrash snow bunny
<3 Make a fort
<3 Read trashy novels in bed   pretty much quite a few times?
<3 Write long letters to your favourite people (even if they live nearby)
<3 Buy an incredible umbrella
<3 Choreograph dances in your living room to stay warm!
<3 Wear ruffle-butt panties
<3 Book a session in an isolation tank
<3 Fill a huge glass jar in your living room with sweets
<3 Wear a hoodie (with the hood pulled up) to sleep in
<3 Buy an enormous fluffy rug
<3 Imagine yourself sleeping on a big cloud
<3 Reclaim old personality traits which have been trampled into oblivion
<3 Find yourself a magical talisman
<3 Listen to Fiona Apple & Elliott Smith over & over until you know all the words
<3 Make a huge bowl of vegetarian chilli
<3 Go ski-ing, stay in a chalet & wear an elaborate knitted jersey!
<3 Watch Charlie Chaplin movies
<3 Pick a new hero
<3 Wear leg-warmers
<3 Think about where you would like to spend your next winter!
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