lets burst into bloom



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I want to write a song about her hips,
her hips and the way they fit perfectly in mouth spaces
and her lips, how they lace between fingertips.
I want to write a song about this girl and teach it
to the world as a goddamn anthem.

hello strangers. have a cupcake ~
i am Claire, 18, from England.
this is a journal where i collect things that inspire me;
pretty sounds, pictures, words.
i have extreme wanderlust and dream of the day i can go explore the world.
if anybody lives in the UK, come on an adventure with me?
i often have a million thoughts in my head at once.
talking to people gives me such a thrill~
it is quite possibly one of my most favourite things.
i am fascinated by people. i love to get to know them...
& learn their habits, dreams & fears.
i am attracted to people who have an amazing presence.
a positive, open, sparkly & warm attitude to life.
people who are spontaneous, live life like it should be lived.
i also have huge hopes in one day meeting a friend/friends who will go on these adventures with me,
bake cupcakes at 3am, & have long conversations with. maybe one day (:

music: the cure, the smiths, ainslie henderson, atmosphere, Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, devendra banhart, newton faulkner, girl talk, little dragon, P N A U, grizzly bear, beirut, the innocence mission, bob dylan, N*E*R*D, born ruffians, tokyo police club, patrick wolf, the maccabies, sam sparro, MGMT, lykke li
films: walk the line, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, lost in translation, amelie, closer, little miss sunshine, american beauty, ghost world, once, the notebook, lars & the real girl, you me&everyone we know, the bad mothers handbook
artists: camilla d'errico, audrey kawasaki, stella im hultburg, joy ang, kelly smith, laura laine, kat mcleod
<3 people who inspire me lotslotslots: gala darling, gok wan, sera beak, magnus haveluck, JOHN HALCYON STYN, diana vreeland, nubby twiglet, devendra banhart, scarlett barry, emiliebjork, carrie bradshaw
photographers: lina scheynius, jake dow-smith, werner amann, anna wolf, nicholas haggard, ruvan wijesooriya, hairplay, elkie, helloello scarlett barry, katie armstrong, candace meyer!

"♥ I want more smiles in the world.
♥ I want more dancing.
♥ I want more fist-pounding beats.
♥ I want longer hugs.
♥ I want more kisses."

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